We fished with Captain Skeet on Bushwacker St. Patrick’s Day. The boat is a tried and true 42′ Bertram– super clean. The wind was howling everywhere north of Tamarindo, so Skeet ran south, got us out of the wind and the whitecapping, and put us on the fish- 6 Pacific sails in one hour span- 6 in 60. All 7 of our party landed a pez vela (sailfish), and got some great video, plus Skeet took some fantastic photos from the bridge he shared with us. Skeet kept us out an extra hour (we booked a full day)- and the last fish we landed hit the last lure being reeled in. Skeet really went above and beyond in our view (he even produced a spare rum bottle when we ran out– in a addition to a well stocked cooler with plenty of ice). I spend a lot of time on boats, being from Palm Beach, and recommend Bushwacker without reservation.